Facility rental

View of the Reggia from the Gardens

A Royal setting for a royal event.
Farewell commonplaces. Welcome to history.

Are you looking for the perfect setting for a major press conference? A fashion show? A set for filming or shooting photos? A gala dinner?

Whatever your mission, look no further, you have found the ideal location: 10 km from Turin, plunged into a magnificent environmental and architectural context, discover Venaria Reale.

It seems almost impossible to be able to step into a new dimension of living so close to a major city, to lose yourself into nature, arts, and history, where all the elements strike a perfect balance and the result is almost unbelievably good. And yet, it is true.

La Venaria Reale has one additional asset that is truly invaluable: an incredible variety of locations to suit any event. Just pick the one you find most suitable, and get ready for a memorable experience.

Because an unforgettable setting makes for unforgettable events.

An exclusive tour of the Reggia

An exclusive, unforgettable experience for small groups of visitors, when the infinite spaces of the Reggia unveil before the eyes of a happy few: book today to experience the Reggia “behind closed doors”, upon reservation only, times and tour to be agreed.


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  • tel. +39 011 4992300 - +39 011 4992416